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Hi everybody.

i have a problem in my company .

we have a certificate file plus public key for encrypting packages (SSL), i want to write a 3rd party app or something else that can act in network layers to encrypt the data (actualy i dont know witch layer will be work for this) befor sending,
in destination my device will give the package and decrypts the data .

i have not any access to the programm that sends data, i just need an app or something else to encrypt data between sending by app and geting out of computer (port).

i have no experience in this kind of programming (Network programming), and i have to provide a solution for this problem.
please help

sorry for bad english.
Areff 5-Jul-11 8:18am
I think this must happen in network levels, and a service must be used for this problem,

Please experts
help about this ...

1 solution

You should use a WCF service that receives the data from the sender. This service should be hosted on the same server as the data sender. Then you can write your client application that only communicates via the WCF service, which you can then configure to encrypt and use authorisation in various ways, both on the transport and the message level. Here, Windows Communication Foundation[^], is the link to MSDN page.

Hope this helps
Areff 5-Jul-11 8:16am
i have not access to the client app's code and cannot change it, then i can not use WCF , i want to an app or service that i could put it between client app and the reciver app, ofcourse the 3rd party app or service must be in client machine to encrypt data(message) before getting out of machine (to network).
Wayne Gaylard 5-Jul-11 10:08am
How does the client app present the data ?

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