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My question is, I have use one link button.When i click that button,it should open a browser.I need code for this issue. Kindly send for both windows and web applications.

Thanks& Regards,

Updated 5-Jul-11 18:52pm
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Solution 1

string targetURL = @"";
Viswanthan.M. 6-Jul-11 0:59am
i need this in C# .net coding
Viswanthan.M. 6-Jul-11 1:20am
Its working... thank you
[no name] 6-Jul-11 1:39am
This is correct answer, my 5. OP can formally accept it (I recommend it.)
However, please see my alternative solution -- in many cases it would be better.
[no name] 6-Jul-11 1:43am
your solution is great. This will help us open the page on our window (including navigation). :)
Christian Graus 6-Jul-11 2:51am
Of course, it was also my solution, and I am the only one who answered the other half of the question, but, whatever.
I see. Sure, credited :-) Thanks for the note.
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Solution 2

Use Process.Start, and point to the URL you want to open, it will open it with the default browser. That's a windows app. In a web app, you just put a hyperlink, and put target="_blank", so the link opens in a new window.
Viswanthan.M. 6-Jul-11 0:53am
Thanks for reply, but i need better
Viswanthan.M. 6-Jul-11 0:53am
Christian Graus 6-Jul-11 2:50am
What do you mean 'better' ? Someone gave you the exact code, I see, but I told you exactly what you needed to do. If you could not understand me, I suggest you forget your current task and do a beginners course in C#.
Exactly, a 5.
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Solution 3

All those runs of some applications are not good — the use knows better what to start and how. As you need to start certain URL, it's not that bad — you already have a correct answer by 2irfanshaikh.

But the real alternative would be running a browser inside your application. Just use the class System.Windows.Forms.WebBrowser, see[^].

That was for System.Windows.Forms. There is such thing for WPF as well: System.Windows.Controls.WebBrowser, see[^].


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