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Hi developers.
Please do read this.
When i google for something sometime i find useful links mostly i copy that links and store in a text file.
Now i want something different i want to create an xml file in and save the links in xml file all the time from aspx page, whenever i need to view any link i could do from xml file through aspx page.

i want to store date groupwise.



I want to view this in gridview

pleas help me
Updated 6-Jul-11 0:13am
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 6-Jul-11 11:29am    
Remove ASP.NET from the title and the tags. The question is about .NET, has nothing to do with ASP.NET.

In data set there is readXml and writexml method use this two method.
I think it will work.
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Use XMLReader and XMLWriter class, will do your work.
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You can do it on different levels I overview below:

  1. Use System.Xml.XmlDocument class. It implements DOM interface; this way is the easiest and good enough if the size if the document is not too big.
  2. Use the class System.Xml.XmlTextReader; this is the fastest way of reading, especially is you need to skip some data.
  3. Use the class System.Xml.Linq.XDocument; this is the most adequate way similar to that of XmlDocument, supporting LINQ to XML Programming.

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instead of it make a text file and put proper your code i think that will be more beneficial for you.bcos i do so and i got a lot of advantage.
if you need code of any and all my code text file which can be understand easilly,then i can give you
rajendra patel jat
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