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i completed my in 2010 ,i worked in a small organization since 6months..they collapsed that company. due to they have no projects,since six months i developed 4 student project which are not satisfying me and they are not related to real-time projects.

what can i do ? is there any better option to me?

please suggest me its not related to subject but there many experienced persons to show better ways.....please help me.....

Thank u in Adv...

How about get a job? Just look on whatever passes as the local job boards and make sure your CV is up to date and relevant. get some tips here: Contracting for Dummies: The CV/Resume[^]
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kishore1215 6-Jul-11 10:12am    
Is there any need to learn more things.i know,,little bit silver light,ajax,javascript..right now openings for 1+,2+ how can i get with 6months only..?
R. Giskard Reventlov 6-Jul-11 10:20am    
Learn constantly: strive to improve your skills. I've been in this business for a long, long time and I still study and try to learn new things. You can't possibly hope to learn it all but you can learn as much as you can take in. Read articles here. Read the documentation. Practice. Practice. Practice.

In the meantime take whatever job you can get, stick at it for at least a year and then look for a better job with more opportunities. Stick with it and you will achieve what you want but you must keep learning. If you can;t do that you're in the wrong business.
Leave that company man.Try to find a better place.
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kishore1215 7-Jul-11 5:15am    
but openings for 1+,2+ experienced persons only..then how can i get other?
There's always a need to "learn more things". I've been a programmer for over 30 years, and went from atari 400, to military mainframe and apple2, to civilian mainframe, to pc with dos/pascal, to windows/pascal, to windows/c++, to windows/.net, to, and that doesn't count a whole bunch of ancilliary crap scattered in the mix. If you can't reinvent your skill set every couple of years, you're doomed as a programmer.
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kishore1215 7-Jul-11 5:19am    
Yea,obviously.But currently to settle easily,which things can i learn,and how to improve my skills

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