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Hi I am a CS student turning into a sophomore! So I don't have extensive knowledge.

I want to make a web service that can hold data and retain it. Any suggestions? I need to have a list with a bunch of list names and each list name has a LinkedList of strings. Any idea of what kind of web service I should go for? I am using Visual Studio 2010. I don't know which .NET framework I should work on, because I want to make a class library that uses the web service, and the class library would be visable to Visual Studio 6. I have been looking at COM Interop stuff. But I need to decide which web service go first!
Updated 7-Jul-11 6:23am

Why would you want to use Linked Lists. You just need to create a static cache using List<string> or Collection<string>...
These cache items will be deleted if the web service is restarted, so you would be best off to create a simple database to hold the values and then just use the service to act as a data manager between your calling applications and the database.
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Espen Harlinn 7-Jul-11 12:58pm    
Good points, my 5
You were at least honest and upfront saying your a student so I'll take it this is a homework assignment.

It doesn't matter what version of the .NET framework but since you are using VS2010 it might as well be 4.0.

A webservice itself doesn't retain data. The data needs to be persisted somewhere, usually a database.


Remember your professor is probably monitoring this, and other sites, to see who does the work own their own and who asks for others to do it for them.
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Member 8015046 7-Jul-11 12:34pm    
Hahaha it's not a homework assignment. Self-learning kind of.
A web service doesn't hold the data. It provides read and/or write access to it. the data itself is stored in some sort of data medium, usually a database, but sometimes a flat file.

If you want to use interop, you should create a .Net assembly that communicates with the web service, and then transfers the data it receives to the unmanaged C++ app.

If you want my honest opinion, you've bitten off more than you can chew, and you should do something a bit simpler. After all, you're just a sophomore.
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Member 8015046 7-Jul-11 12:33pm    
*_* very true, seems like you are right >.< Oh well! It is summer! Imma try it!
Member 8015046 7-Jul-11 12:36pm    
would you recommend an SQL Server Database or a flat file for quick message adding and deleting from these files?
wizardzz 7-Jul-11 12:43pm    
If you have the option of a database, I would use it. It will allow you to build out more in the future.
[no name] 7-Jul-11 12:55pm    
SQL Express is free, and it will allow you build upward.

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