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hi all,

i am having some issues in saving the date in sql server 2000.
from my application i have save the data with date format "mm/dd/yyyy"-"07-11-2011". I have checked it's sending the data with this format to the sql server.

but when i check in the sql server it save as "2011-11-07 00:00:00.000" this format.

when i'm retrieving from the report it comes as "2011-yyyy",11-mm"","07-dd" for this issue what can i do?

please any one help me in this case...

below are the codes....

<b>add to the sql server</b>
<pre>public void AddTimesheet(DateTime Dtpicker, int cmbEmpno, string txtEmpname, string txtLocation, string cmbMode, string cmbOtmode, int txtNormalOT, int txtDayofOT)
string sqlstr;
sqlstr = &quot;INSERT INTO Master (cDate,Emp_Number,Emp_Name,Work_Location,Mode,OTMode,Normal_OT,DayOff_OT)&quot; +
&quot; VALUES ( &#39;&quot; + Dtpicker + &quot;&#39;,&quot; + cmbEmpno + &quot;, &#39;&quot; + txtEmpname + &quot;&#39;,&#39;&quot; + txtLocation + &quot;&#39;,&#39;&quot; + cmbMode + &quot;&#39;, &#39;&quot; + cmbOtmode + &quot;&#39;,&quot; + txtNormalOT + &quot;,&quot; + txtDayofOT + &quot;)&quot;;
con = new SqlConnection(clsConnection.strconnection);

da = new SqlDataAdapter();
da.InsertCommand = new SqlCommand();
da.InsertCommand.Connection = con;
da.InsertCommand.CommandText = sqlstr;
da.InsertCommand.CommandType = CommandType.Text;

DateTime datetimepic = Convert.ToDateTime(Dtpicker.Value.Date);
int empno = Convert.ToInt32(cmbEmpno.Text);
string empname = txtEmpname.Text;
string emplocation = txtLocation.Text;
string mode = cmbMode.Text;
string otmode = cmbOtmode.Text;
int normalot = Convert.ToInt32(txtNormalOT.Text);
int dayoffot = Convert.ToInt32(txtDayofOT.Text);

Classes.clsAttendance att = new testing.Classes.clsAttendance();
att.AddTimesheet(datetimepic, empno, empname, emplocation, mode, otmode, normalot, dayoffot);</pre>

<b>report code</b>

<pre>DateTime Datefrom = Convert.ToDateTime(dateFrom.Value.Date);
DateTime Dateto =Convert.ToDateTime( dateTo.Text);
string Location1 = Location.Text;
string Mode1 = Mode.Text;
string Otmode = otmode.Text;

string sqlstr = &quot;SELECT * FROM Master ORDER BY Emp_Number&quot;;
con = new SqlConnection(clsConnection.strconnection);
DataSet ds = new DtReport();
DataTable dt = new DataTable();
SqlDataAdapter da = default(SqlDataAdapter);

da = new SqlDataAdapter(sqlstr, con);
foreach (DataRow row in dt.Rows)
rptreport objreport = new rptreport();

objreport.SetParameterValue(&quot;Datefrom&quot;, dateFrom.Value.Date);
objreport.SetParameterValue(&quot;Dateto&quot;, dateTo.Text);
objreport.SetParameterValue(&quot;Location&quot;, Location1);
objreport.SetParameterValue(&quot;Mode&quot;, Mode1);
objreport.SetParameterValue(&quot;Otmode&quot;, Otmode);

crystalReportViewer1.ReportSource = objreport;
Updated 10-Jul-11 22:35pm
ruzan hizar 11-Jul-11 3:45am
while i'm saving the date from my form it send to sql server db as this format "mm/dd/yyyy"

but it save in the sql server as this format "yyyy/mm/dd"

when i'm selecting that date from crystal report the month column comes as date and date column as month.

1 solution

Try this query to get records from database
SELECT eventID,eventName, eventPlace,eventTime,CONVERT (varchar(150), eventDate,<u>103</u>) As eventDate
FROM         EventTimeTable

For more Date Format please follow this link

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