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Hi Guys,

When you select a row in a datagrid it does that blue highlight thing right? But it doesn't highlight the whole width of the row. What can i do to make it highlight the whole row and not just the text in the row? See this is what happens when a row is selected in my datagrid in wpf

            <Trigger Property="IsSelected" Value="True">
                <Setter Property="Background" Value="{DynamicResource {x:Static SystemColors.HighlightBrushKey}}" />
                <Setter Property="Foreground" Value="{DynamicResource {x:Static SystemColors.HighlightTextBrushKey}}" />
                <Setter Property="BorderBrush" Value="{DynamicResource {x:Static SystemColors.HighlightBrushKey}}" />
                <Setter Property="VerticalAlignment" Value="Stretch"/>
                <Setter Property="VerticalContentAlignment" Value="Center"/>
            <Trigger Property="IsKeyboardFocusWithin" Value="True">
                <Setter Property="BorderBrush" Value="{DynamicResource {x:Static DataGrid.FocusBorderBrushKey}}" />

Please help me.

Thanks in Advance.
Updated 13-Jul-11 0:24am

using System.Drawing;

protected void LinkButton1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
aa = "update";
protected void GridView1_SelectedIndexChanging(object sender, GridViewSelectEventArgs e)
Label ll = (Label)GridView1.Rows[e.NewSelectedIndex].FindControl("Label1");
if (aa == "edit")
int a = ll.Text;
Label1.text = Color("Blue");
Label2.text = Color("Blue");

SqlCommand CC = new SqlCommand("delete from Bank_master where bank_pk = '" + ll.Text + "'", con);
SqlDataReader dr = CC.ExecuteReader();
GridView1.DataSource = dr;
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Ace_Hardlight 13-Jul-11 7:23am    
uhm sorry but I don't get how this links to my question?
I never did WPF. In Windows Forms, DataGridViews have a boolean property with name FullRowSelect. If set to true, you always select the full row, not just a cell.

Maybe you could place a
<property value="true" />
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Ace_Hardlight 13-Jul-11 7:59am    
This does work to select the full row but my problem is the highlight of the row. Just the text gets hightlighted when i select a row and i want the full cell to be highlighted.

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