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Hello everyone
I'm just new with interrupt in c/c++. So could anyone help me to solve this problem,please
This is my problem:

How to use interrupt to initiate an empty file "PRIME.INP" that will contain 10,000 numbers in it.

I'm very appreciate your help
Updated 13-Jul-11 5:29am
ThatsAlok 13-Jul-11 8:04am    
i doesn't understand meaning of interrupt here!
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 13-Jul-11 16:49pm    
OS, Platform? Without it the question makes no sense at all.

Generally speaking interrupt handling isn't available in user code. On the other hand if you are working on a system that allows it (for instance a microcontroller) than you should post here is details, since interrupt handling is system-dependent.
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ThatsAlok 13-Jul-11 8:45am    
nice somebody here understand interrupts :-) 13-Jul-11 9:22am    
I don't know. This is all require from the teacher:
Write a program to create a file that contain 10000 numbers of random prime in the range from 1 to 32767 and put that file name is "PRIME.INP". Use interrupt to initiate an empty file "PRIME.INP", after that, use c/c++ to do the remain features.

Could you give me some ideal for that. Thank for your comment
Maximilien 13-Jul-11 9:51am    
Is it possible that there is something lost in translation ? maybe your teacher want you to create a file with low level functions/api ? 13-Jul-11 10:51am    
Create a file with low level function? maybe. SO could you give me some advice for create low level file, please
CPallini 13-Jul-11 11:13am    
If you are using Windows (or Linux or Mac OS X) don't bother about. fulfill well other requirements and just use standard C/C++ library for file access.
On the other hand, I say it again, if you must deal with a system requiring very low level techniques, then, please, let us know about.
I suggest you get in touch with your teacher/adviser/tutor and ask for clarification about what he means by "interrupt".

Or have a look in your courses notes, maybe there a reference to that somewhere and will help you doing that task.

anyway, have a look, on msdn, that the following functions :
CreateFile : to create the file.
WriteFile : to write to the file.
CloseHandle : to close the file.

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Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 13-Jul-11 16:52pm    
Exactly. My 5. I'm almost sure OP has not idea what interrupt is. Also, strictly speaking, we should not answer question of platform is not specified.

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