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I having an experience in Web application for 2 years, At now, in my office they asking to code in windows service application.
Did it will affect my career growth ??
Please Kindly anybody reply me.
Updated 14-Jul-11 19:43pm

Did it will affect my career growth ??

Definitely, in a positive way. Since this is a different type of application, you get to be exposed to a new challenge. However, depending on what you want to master, this might have some drawbacks as Web apps and Windows apps(services) are different in terms of how they are being created. But the bottomline is, its still better to be familiar of the other types of applications. The more your skills, the more that companies are going to want to hire you.
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Member 7744835 15-Jul-11 1:10am    
Ok. Thank You. Actually nowadays, windows based service and applications are reduced and not using in MNCs, if i get expose on that also, it will not get benefit, Did i'm correct? if i having anything wrongly , kindly guide me.
walterhevedeich 15-Jul-11 1:25am    
Well, I'm not aware that the demand for windows based services has gone low. But as for windows apps, I believe these are still in demand. Many MNCs still use their old windows apps because for them, migrating to a different app would cost them a lot. Last year, my team had this windows application project for a telecommunication company. It was mainly used for reporting purposes.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 15-Jul-11 4:26am    
Why do you think in general that your carrier is compromised if you're not going with all the crowd? This idea is strange. Imagine the opposite case: you can do something which almost nobody can do. Will it help? Sure, you can work in the company which is hard to find, but that company might value you high. A combination of many skills (but really good skills) it the best.
Member 7744835 16-Jul-11 0:09am    
Thank You. I accepting your thoughts.
Member 7744835 15-Jul-11 1:47am    
Thank You
Did it will affect my career growth
I don't think so indeed it will help you to know about window services and you will gain knowledge in windows applications too. :)
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Member 7744835 15-Jul-11 1:01am    
Ok, Thank you. Is it become an additional qualification?
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 15-Jul-11 4:28am    
"Additional" is just a word which does not mean much. You approach to carrier looks weird. It feels like you're afraid of something.

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