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Hi all I started working on WPF richtextbox and it seems that it does not have features like auto detect url as in windows richtextbox. I need help in detecting hyperlink when we paste data in the richtextbox (wpf) .I already found some code blocks which works fine with typed words like I type and when I press space or enter key after "m" in "" it will traverse back and check for the previous space or enter and detect hyperlink and make it hyperlink.

I used following code to work with[^]

It works fine most of the time but my problem is it goes to the link after traversing every character and when I have a lot of data it is not a better solution. Also it does not work with multiple paragraphs.

I tried another option to jump directly to the link word and detect it and make it hyperlink using following function

here match is a match collection which contains all the matches of urls
here I used following regex value

GetPositionAtOffset(match.index, LogicalDirection.Forward)

and get the point
But I get the following errors :

1) Hyperlink can not exists in the boundry of other ( can be caught in catch block so not a big problem)

Can anyone please help me in detecting urls when we paste text in it.

2 )Error code 0x80131623 ( can be found details when googled) and really challanging for me.

( I really apologize for grammatical or English mistakes)

Maybe some help in here...

Auto-detecting Hyperlinks in RichTextBox - Part I[^]
Auto-detecting Hyperlinks in RichTextBox - Part II[^]

*Edit* Or maybe not...looks like you need regex help, not a way to detect URLs... :)
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Tarun.K.S 15-Jul-11 13:46pm    
Nice link. Bookmarked for future reference! 5+
I think you just need to make sure that the detecturl property of the richtextbox is set to true.

Look at the following link[^]

Hope this is helpful.

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Tarun.K.S 15-Jul-11 13:45pm    
Nice link. 5+
ankitjoshi24 15-Jul-11 14:01pm    
thank you :-)
deveoper12345 18-Jul-11 5:26am    
Hi thanks but it is windows control property not of wpf richtextbox

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