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Hello guys, I am a software engineering student in APIIT Malaysia and in less than two months I am expected to submit the final year project proposal. But I do not have any idea of what to do as my final year project. I am interested much in front-end graphical user interface design, Java-Database-Connectivity(JDBC) and also database programming with SQL-Server. Any ideas what to do? please help!
Updated 15-Jul-11 23:48pm

Talk to your tutors: they will have a better idea of how complex a project you are expected to produce. They may not give you any concrete suggestions, but they may be able to help you focus your mind on your strengths, and what is acceptable as a final year project.
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Chief894 16-Jul-11 5:37am    
okay thanx, but I have already talked to them and I know what is expected of me in terms of complexity, jst that I do not know what to do exactly. I jst want project ideas, eg, library system or jst anything, something that is not common.
OriginalGriff 16-Jul-11 5:45am    
How about something useful, but complex, that does not exist AFAIK - a version of SQL Server Management studio that is (a) faster and (b) works with any database (MsSql, MySql, Oracle, SqlCE, SqLite, Access, XML, CSV, etc., etc.,) There is a fair amount of UI, DB and other stuff in there!
Chief894 16-Jul-11 5:53am    
Sounds good, that's what I want, something that does not exist but also useful, err, let me give it a thought! Thanx hey!
You can develop any management information System.UI,JDBC and Reporting is the most important part of any MIS.
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Chief894 16-Jul-11 8:41am    
Idea taken, then I will have to think about what to manage! Thanx hey!
Here you go, look at those answers(Some answers contains links to external sites).
Project topic for mca[^]
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Go there-[Project List based on Java][^] for getting 41 topics which will might help you.
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