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Hi all,

Need your advice about my issue. I need to develop one application(A) which is monitor another application(B). eg: The A application will detect if the B application prompt error during process and The A application will send notify via email about the error.

If monitor the status of file changes, I can use "filesystemwatcher". But if monitor the other application, I don't know which command that I need to use.
Appreciate your advice or suggestion.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 19-Jul-11 23:46pm    
It all depends on what activity of application B you want to monitor. What is "prompt error"? There is nothing special about exception handling to be detectable from outside.
Syuhairah 20-Jul-11 3:55am    
Hi SAKryukov,
Thanks for the prompt reply and for the info...what i mean about error prompt is the application process workload or have conflict during process or time out error.
Yes, it's isolated but what I understand, we still can monitor it if Application A be parent for application B. So Application A will inherit the application B and also will execute the application B.
I'm still looking for it. What i know it's related to DllImport(user32.dll) function. If u have any idea about that, kindly do let me know.
Thanks a lot.

1 solution

Ever heard or isolation of processes? The are indeed isolated. The answer depends on what activity you want to monitor. Due to isolation of processes, you can only monitor everything which has a character of inter-process communication. In particular, you can monitor file system activity using FileSystemWatcher, as you correctly put it. You can also monitor creation and termination of other processes system-wide using WMI. You can hook all Windows messages system wide. As to error conditions— exception handling has nothing special which can be detected. This is a purely internal process activity.

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[no name] 20-Jul-11 0:06am    
Excellent. +5.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 20-Jul-11 0:06am    
Thank you, Ramalinga.

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