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I have a problem to improvemy website performance ,
Which control to use for solveing the performance problem.

Rajendra Dogne
Philippe Mori 23-Jul-11 15:29pm    
To help you more specifically, more informations would be required.

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thatraja 23-Jul-11 11:26am    
I think both links also in my answers :D
5! anyway.
Already I have answered a similar questions long time ago. Also CP has more than couple articles about this.

Optimise a website in[^]

Factors for web application speed[^]
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Uday P.Singh 23-Jul-11 2:53am    
nice link my 5, see my answer
There is no "control to use for solveing the performance problem" - if there was, we would all just use that control, and there would never be a problem.

Instead, you have to do a number of things - and this is going to be very general, because we have no idea about your site. Even when I remove my tin-foil hat, I can't read your PC hard drive: did you turn off your computer? :laugh:

First: Quantify the problem. Measure the performance a couple of hundred times, so you have a good average speed. Without this, you don't know if what you do is effective.
Second: Start reading. There is a good starter here:[^] but generally, the more you send the user, the slower it will be. Reducing the content per page and increasing the page count by end up being the only way. Measure each time, and identify what is taking time, so you can concentrate in those areas.

Sorry, but it's not a "replace this control with that control" problme - you have a lot of work to do.
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better to do things in client side,avoid te unwantered use of server side scripting.
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Check soapUI and loadUI testing tool from[^]. It can be of great help to test websites.
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If your pages are quite complex or your SQL queries, then you might use a profiler to measure the performance and have an idea of what to optimize.

The same could apply on client side if you have some complex JavaScript.

It might also be that your pages are too complex and were not properly designed for web use (like displaying to much information on a page).
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