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I'm getting the IP address from this statement and I want to pass the IP onto a SQL statement...Is this correct?

int *addressValue = new int();
char *address = "";
inet_pton(AF_INET, address, addressValue);
if (ip_header->source_ip != *addressValue)
    mysql_query(conn, "SelectCount(*) FROM tblURL WHERE IP = ip_header;source_ip And Status ='Active'");
Updated 23-Jul-11 9:06am
Philippe Mori 23-Jul-11 15:07pm
I have improved the formating a bit.

No. On so many levels...
Needs at least one space - to separate SELECTfrom Count

"SelectCount(*) FROM tblURL WHERE IP = ip_header;source_ip And Status ='Active'"
Is a string. and as such will be passed though to MySql exactly as it is. MySql will then throw an error at you, because it does not recognize source_ip as a command (the ';' will terminate the select statement).

Concatenating text strings to make a Sql Satement is a recipe for disaster at the best of times: use parametrized queries instead.
Member 7766180 23-Jul-11 13:41pm
How would I do that?
Member 7766180 24-Jul-11 9:49am
Storing IP as an IP number as opposed to a string. Thanks for the heads up!
sprintf(Query,"SELECT COUNT(*) FROM tblURL WHERE IP='%d' AND Status='Active'",(*addressValue));

I wonder you dont know how to create a string................................

Member 7766180 23-Jul-11 19:23pm
humm...from what I'm gathering strings are bad. I'm now storing them as int(11) in the mysql, so now I guess I have to go from a string to an int?
Current info on source_ip
DWORD source_ip; // Source Address (32 bits)
char ipSrc[20], ipDest[20], thisIP[20];
printf("\n Source IP: %s", ipSrc);

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