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Hello! I have a question: How can I combine all of the output Released files into just a single .exe file? Like for example I have these file extensions: .exe, .pdb, .vshost, vshost.exe, vshost.exe.manifest, and then 2 xml files that have to do with my program.

So once again I am trying to get all of these files into possibly one file. Do you know how when you go into your Windows Program Files folder, there are none of these files. I am basically trying to do the same thing.

Thank you! :)
Updated 23-Jul-11 17:28pm

You don't need the vshost and PDF files. I suspect you're also looking in the Debug folder, not the Release. Trying to pack everything into a single .EXE is just stupid. You can combine your .EXE and .DLL files with ILMERGE. You just have to download it from MS Downloads.

The manifest can also be packaged into the .EXE, but you lose the ability to easily make changes to it when you do.

As for adding the rest of the files, there's little to no point to doing it. If you want a single file for distribution, you can build a Setup projects to package everything up.
NY Andrew 24-Jul-11 0:24am
Actually I was looking in the Release folder.. Not the Debug folder... Thanks for the reference to that ILMERGE program. And I have figure out that all the files BESIDES the .exe in the Release folder are all junk so I do not need to add those files into my installer.
You can create a setup / deployment file that can include all these files.
See this[^] for more information.
NY Andrew 24-Jul-11 0:23am
Thank you but I have had problems with the ClickOnce Deployment... So I am sort of shying away from it. Instead I use a 3rd pary tool to create an installer.
You don't need the PDB file or any of the files that mention vshost. They're all used for debugging, even in the Release build.

You just need the .EXE's, .DLL's, the .config file that matches the .EXE filenames and any content files that you know about.

You can only ILMERGE the executable code. Content files cannot be merged in.

But realy question is WHY you want to do this. There is little benefit to doing so.
Dave Kreskowiak 11-Mar-12 16:10pm
OK, wraping everything up into a single .EXE is not for deploying the app. Creating an installer is for deploying the app.
To embed XML files (and any other kind of files, DLL, ActiveX or so) inside one executable you may use freeware solution Enigma Virtual Box at

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