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hey folks,
i am new to c# though i am done with the basics.. networking with c# is something really not getting into my head.
i am in my final year of the degree and need to create a project. i have decided to create something out of c#(i moved from c++ to c# and found it beautiful!!) and networking combined.

first would please help me out as in what project can i make.

second can u all refer me a good book to refer for c# and networking

any help would me greatly appreciated.

You have left it rather late to get started on this, but there are plenty of C# and Networking resources available. Try searching via Google or Bing, Take a look in MSDN[^], check your technical library etc. As to what project you could make, that will depend largely on what you are capable of. Since you are only just starting on networking it seems somewhat ambitious to choose that for your final project.
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A good book? Don't waste your money on a book. Just use google.

As far as a project, coming up with something on your own will be much more satisfying.
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Here more than couple of ways to learn things in web

Education Needed[^]
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hey! you've got some nice suggestion In addition to Richard,John and Rajs Solution, I will also suggest you to go for MSDN-[C# Development Center][^] to learn C#.
this link is a complete package to learn C#.
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