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Ok I hope i can get this out right,

I have a base form that im going to use in all my other projects its a full Aero Glass form and i have it all working very well and moving on to setting up owner draw controls to work with the glass but thats not my problem.

I have a StatusStrip and ToolStrip on the base form, is there anyway to edit the tool\status strip items once i load the base form into a new project(in the Designer not with code), i have it setup so you can edit the text and images for the items but it sucks because i can not add new ones.

What if i want to add a new label or button to the strips, right now i have to go back and edit the base form and that is not what im after, i have played around with property attributes and i can edit the items that i place on the base form but i cant add new ones.

anyway im a lil stumped i hope you get what im taling about and thank you for your time!

If ppl want to see any code or need more info ill be happy to post it ty again!

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-~-Tiba-~- 2 27-Jul-11 3:00am    
i dont have time to look at it right now but from what i can see it looks good ty very much ill vote 5 coz its a help anyway thanks agian!
-~-Tiba-~- 2 30-Jul-11 0:43am    
i haver been having a play with the code and its very close to what i need so ill accept this solution thank very much for your time!
I have worked around this issue.

Keep the ToolStrips in ToolStripContainer and try adding items on an inherited form using Items property in a property window.

Confirm please.
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-~-Tiba-~- 2 28-Sep-11 4:55am    
very nice works just like you said! f***en zing!! ty man
hollysong 31-Dec-11 17:10pm    
I have same problem but your solution does not work on my project. I am working on VS2010 at Fx4.0. And my inherited forms are Generic.(You can find example below) I have tried a lot of thing to solve but i cant. And I don't want to you use solution1 :(

public class BaseMyForm<t> : Form where T : IMyObject

public class MyForm1 : MyForm1x {} //Here is my form.

public class MyForm1x : BaseMyForm<myobject1>{} //Trick for designer problem (see note)

Note: Designer does not support generic forms...

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