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I have nested gridviews 4-levels deep (Parent, grandchild, great grandchild, great great grandchild[gggc]) on the bottom gridview gggc it's not dsiplaying after the Rowupdate event's databind is executed.

Now there are 4-updatepanels. The Parent encloses the parent on all of its children, 2nd-UpdatePanel encloses the second gridview, third gridview and the fourth gridview. The 3rd-UpdatePanel encloses the third gridview and the fourth gridview. Lastly, the 4th-UpdatePanel only include the last gridview.

All UpdatePanel's UpdateMode=Conditional and ChildrenasTriggers=ture.

Whether I use the rowcommand event or the rowupdate event, the gridview is not shown. What's up? Oh yes, by the way, this works fine on the parent, 2nd level and 3rd level girdview updates.

I've using the javascript to expand/collipase the desired gridview, so the gridview is expanded (has to be or you couldn't edit it!) the javascript changes the display from display:none to display:black when the expand icon to clicked or the reverse when the collipase icon is clicked.

The edit commandfield is clicked, then the RowEditing event is raised. The gridview's EditIndex is set to equal the e.NewRowIndex, then rebind the gridview and show the row in "edit" mode. Works OK here.

Update the data in the textbox and press the gridview's "update" button. Then in rowupdating, update the data in the database, OK to here!

Then set the gridview's EditIndex= -1.

Within Rowupdating, bind the the datasource and rebind the gridivew, NO data shown, it there but the style=display:none.

Now if I do this same type of routine in the RowCommand, catch the gridview commandfield's "update" button, I get the same results.

Now if I don't rebind the data, the row remains in edit mode.
Updated 26-Jul-11 17:15pm

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