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Hi there,

I wonder if anyone could point me out in the right directions. I am about to start putting some ideas together for my final year project and i was thinking of doing an asp application with a backend database.

I want to create purchasing requisition system where by a user logs onto a system and places and order and goes through different stages withing the application. Some of the things i was thinking about like placing an order, automatically system generates an order number, sending informtation to supplier, invoice matching so on and so forth.

I just want some ideas of what i could include and any tips that would be great thanks in advance

Don't include anything more than what is required to accomplish the process. That's one of the biggest problems with apps and web sites - they try to add useless bells/whistles that have no impact on the underlying process other than to elicit the "gee-whiz" response pattern.

It sounds like you have everything you need to write the code that's required.
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Geofferz 1-Aug-11 9:54am    
thanks for that mate :-)
You might want to think about things like authorisation.

Should all users simply be able to place large POs? For example, you might want a business rule that only members of the 'Managers' role can place orders larger than £5,000. Another business rule could be that your PO's must be signed off by someone in the 'Directors' role if larger than £50,000!

You might want to store 'authorisation limits' next to each user account, so they can't spend more than a certain amount in a certain time frame.

Have a think about 'Project' or 'Organisation Code' so when users place POs that can assign then against a particular project code. This is very useful for reporting purposes, e.g.

Project Code 'S00152 - Server Upgrades'
All POs regarding this project are assigned against this code.
You can now report against code S00152 to see exactly how much was spent upgrading your servers.

There are lots of possibilities for you in this area, I designed something like this a while ago.
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Geofferz 1-Aug-11 10:01am    
thanks mate, that was very helpful really appreciate it! i m just putting some ideas together and then going to make some designs and start building the application. Thanks again for your help

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