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I want to read a web page and access its DOM tree for processing. Is there any suggested way of doing this on an android based device? I need to extract a few fields from a table, and I don't want to parse the HTML myself since it's not well-formed.

The page itself should never be visible to the user, I'm just interested in the parser. Surely there must be a few which some of you have used.

Java libraries isn't really my field so any suggestion is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Updated 31-Jul-11 3:08am

1 solution

Here is a sweet collection of Java HTML parser libraries[^].

I'd go with Java Mozilla Html Parser[^] or HotSax[^] depending on the exact requirements.


Niklas L 1-Aug-11 5:45am
That gave me a few options. Thanks for that!
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 1-Aug-11 7:21am
It's been a pleasure!

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