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I am getting wrong calculation for the count of weeks.

I have two dropdown values.

First values : 31-2011 (Week & Year)
Second Values : 1-2013 (Week & Year)..

When i calculate the duration of these two, i am getting total Weeks as "104700".

Actually i am getting wrong duration for these values.

I need to get "75" weeks only.

Because, 31-2011 will have 52 weeks (for 2011 = 21 Weeks (31week -52week))
2012 = We will have 53 Weeks (so 21+53 Weeks)
2013 = will have 1 Week ( So, 22+53+1) = 75..

What is the problem in my code..? where i need to change.

See my code
Dim parts1 As String() = drpStweek.SelectedItem.ToString().Split("-")
            Dim parts2 As String() = drpEdweek.SelectedItem.ToString().Split("-")
            If Integer.TryParse(parts1(0), week1) AndAlso Integer.TryParse(parts1(1), year1) AndAlso Integer.TryParse(parts2(0), week2) AndAlso Integer.TryParse(parts2(1), year2) Then
                If year1 <= year2 Then
                    If year1 = year2 Then
                        Duration = week2 - week1
                        Duration += (52 - week1) + week2
                        If year2 - year1 > 1 Then
                            Duration += (52 * year2 - year1)
                        End If
                    End If
                End If
End If
Updated 31-Jul-11 22:05pm

1 solution

Rather than trying to fix that - which isn't going to work because a year is not 52 weeks - instead work out the number of days and divide by 7. Then all you have to do is cope with a minor adjustment for the start and end week days, and you are there.

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