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Hi All,

I am new in the Silverlight.
I want to use a combobox and HTMLHost present in the Grid in the XAML file.
Means :

I have one dropdown having some website names.
<combobox name="comboBox1" margin="0,0,265,0">
                   <comboboxitem content="Google" />
                   <comboboxitem content="Microsoft" />
                   <comboboxitem content="Code Project" />
                   <comboboxitem content="Orkut" />
                   <comboboxitem content="Facebook" />

and below that I have HTMLHost which will put html in XAML.
<html:HtmlHost Name="googlehtmlHost" Grid.Row="2" SourceUri=Dropdown Value  />

Now when I run my application my dropdown goes behind the HTMLHost content.

So I need the dropdown to be on front of everything.

Please help.
Thanks in Advance.

You can try changing the control's z-index to bring it up front

How to set Z-Index in Silverlight control
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kulkarni.ajay 3-Aug-11 8:02am    
I tried this but not worked in my case.
The WebBrowser control is not a silverlight object and sits on top of all content. You need to flip Visibility between the WebBrowser control and a rectangle with the fill set to WebBrowserBrush when the combobox dropdown is visible and back when it's not. something like:

<WebBrowser x:Name="browserControl" Source="{Binding URL}" />
<Rectangle x:Name="browserControlRect" >
        <WebBrowserBrush SourceName="browserControl" />

Then either VSM, Behaviours, or code to do the toggling.
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kulkarni.ajay 4-Aug-11 4:49am    
Thanks again.

So by this post I can only flip the visibility of the contents.
But is there any another way where I can normally get the dropdown on the top of everything.

Please help me out.
Graeme_Grant 4-Aug-11 9:53am    
WebBrowser control is special but for other controls, change the Z-Index of the control you want on top.

I have a working example of how to change the Z-Index of a control from code at

In this example, to change the Z-Index of a specific control, I had to remove and add the control.

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