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i have a good working copy of a program with graphs and what have you. when i am trying to paste it anywhere, one single graph does not work, and everything else in the program works. no paths needed. i copied and pasted the entire folder. everything works except this single graph(which is very important) i did this for a number of times in different places. and all the time the same result. the original copy works and if i move it it stops. what can i do?
BobJanova 4-Aug-11 7:23am    
This is not at all clear.
arindamrudra 5-Aug-11 1:22am    
Check whether those are in same project or not? if not then check for the reference whether you added that or not. I am agree on the point of OriginalGriff.

The most obvious answer is: "don't move it".

Not very helpful, but with the information you have given, no answer is going to be that helpful.

You need to work out why it isn't working - that means examining the situation and the source code and finding out what kind of problem it is. One thing that may help you is to turn all exceptions catching on in the debugger. On the "Debug" menu, click "Exceptions". In the dialog box that comes up, make sure every single check box has a tick, especially those in the "thrown" column. When you run you program now, even if the graph handling code is causing an exception and discarding it, your application will stop at the exception giving you a chance to work out why it has happened.
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That's right..this question doesn't provide much info.
The only issue could be the source of this graph which is causing problem as it may be pointing to a physical location which gets changed when it's copied to a different location.

That location needs to be found and converted into a relative path so that it can work even if you move it to a different location.

Hope its of some help.

With kudos,

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