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hi frnds

i have used this code to populate data in DATAGRID but i want to populate in Combobox.

Can anyone please help me out fast

//Service File Code
       public List<comboFill> GetBranch()
           using (Entities context = new Entities())
               return (from c in context.BranchMasters
                       select new comboFill
public class comboFill
           public string Name { get; set; }

//Form Code
private void Page_Loaded(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)

    var client= new ServiceReference1.AlumniServiceClient();

    client.GetBranchCompleted += (s, ea) =>

           // cboBranch.Items.Add(ea.Result);
            dataGrid1.AutoGenerateColumns = true;
            dataGrid1.ItemsSource = ea.Result;
Updated 4-Aug-11 4:51am
Abhinav S 4-Aug-11 6:33am    
What exactly are you trying to do?
You need to provide so more information before someone can help you.
Member 8121187 4-Aug-11 6:43am    
actually i want to fill my combo boxes with data from database.
There are 7 combo on one of my form,n the data are coming from different tables(like there is a combo for CountryName and data coming from country master)
similarly there are other combo's and data coming from different masters.
My immediate requirement is to fill those combo's at form load with data from respective tables.
Can u help out???
Member 8121187 4-Aug-11 6:55am    
should i provide more details????

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