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How to fire and execute the event if my checkbox is uncheck in the gridview....?

You already asked 100+ questions. How much longer are we going to receive such questions from you?

For example, "CheckBox" may mean:[^],[^],[^].

Be so nice to tag the UI library in your question. Tag, not just mention in the question: people should see it before they open a page with a question. For all UI types (and many other types) provide fully qualified names, for example System.Windows.Forms.CheckBox.

This will not a big price for a chance to get a good answer. What would be the alternatives for an expert? To give answer in 2, 3 or more variants? To send you to Google? To rant? To go to next question which might make some sense in contrast to yours? To report on you? To look at all your questions and then blacklist you?

First option would make an expert to generous. It does not happen often. In all other cases, guess who is going to be a looser?

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gani7787 5-Aug-11 3:03am    
I understood your problems...I will take care hereafter the tag questions..

As a developer, we can ask many questions. if we are not able to get the proper answer, we are in a position to get this in many ways..

Your answer may be the wrong. it will hurt me

Thank You!
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 5-Aug-11 5:06am    
Thank you for paying attention for this matter.


Please, this is not my problem, this is your problem. Please realize it.
I would say you hurt me (if I was able to get hurt by such words). Look how much time I spent for you. Hope you still can use my advice for your own good, but I just saw your new question -- still not tagged. This is not for experts fist, you're the most interested person.

Instead of using the advice and appreciating it you're trying to play the offended. This is no good and is not polite to people who are trying to help you. Your "it will hurt me" could be translated "I'm not able to accept and constructively use any elementary criticism, so don't teach me -- I'm not learning, but getting offended instead".

Look, my work experience is 18+ years, starting not from the very beginning but from some first real achievements. Can you just imagine that? And when anyone, even a novice points out any my mistake, I'm first trying to fix it, thank this person and apologize for inconvenience. If you do not believe it, you can find examples on this site.

And what are you doing? You torture and irritate others with your sloppy posts, many of your hundred+ posts, and for the first time I advice you to improve that you say that it will hurt you.

Do you have any shame? Please think about it.

Good luck,
gani7787 7-Aug-11 13:05pm    
Good and thanks....
hi for this u can use javascript and alse u can perform server side validation using find controll of check box
hope its usefull..
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