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i have a treeview control in windows form application i need to add tooltip images to treeview nodes (diffrent nodes diffrent images).
any one pls help me..
Thanks in advance
rajesh.r4321 5-Aug-11 6:25am    
i tryed the solutions any one know how add diffrent tooltip images to diffrent nodes

Have a look here: ToolTip With Image C#[^]
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You can use the class described in the link below:
Tooltip with Images

Then, supposing our Treeview is called treeView1, use the NodeMouseHover event like so:

private void treeView1_NodeMouseHover(object sender, TreeNodeMouseHoverEventArgs e)
   ToolTipWithImage t = new ToolTipWithImage();
   t.Text = "Hello";
   t.ImageFile = @"C:\aRandomImage.jpg";
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rajesh.r4321 5-Aug-11 6:33am    
the image is populted on TREEVIEW but i need to populate on the specific node only

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