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I need to display shuffled items in a dropdownlist. I am binding dynamic items from database to dropdonlist..Whenever I opens that page I need values should appear shuffled or randomly..

Hi, if you use MSSQL, here is your solution:

SELECT column1, column2, column3
FROM your_table
Mansi Arora 8-Aug-11 5:14am
I am using SQLSERVER 2008
Van Hua 8-Aug-11 5:42am
So, let try my suggest query :)
Shuffle DataRow in DataTable[^]

In DB you can use RAND()
Van Hua 8-Aug-11 3:42am
RAND() is use for MySQL
thatraja 8-Aug-11 3:47am
Agree, But he didn't mention any database in his question ;-)
If you are binding directly to a DataTable or other source that comes from a database, then the display order (assuming that you have not set the Sorted property true) will always be that returned form the database. Your only option here is to re-order the items into a new structure (such as a List<T> or and Array) befiore you bind the data.

Why do you want to randomize user data though - you will probably seriously annoy your users. Personally, if a list is not alphabetical, then I expect it to be in a task-centric order, with most common items at the top. If these moved randomly, I would be quite peeved with you...

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