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hi to all!

here is my code to set my menuitems visibility true
default all menu items are visible false

but the visibility remain false

public static void function_name(int a2)
        string sql_string_sfunction_name = ("Data Source=32423424;Initial Catalog=sdgsdgasdg;User Id=gdggdfg;Password=sdertet;");
        SqlConnection conn1 = new SqlConnection(sql_string_sfunction_name);
        SqlCommand command1 = new SqlCommand("proc_function_name2", conn1);
        command1.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure;
        command1.Parameters.AddWithValue("@fnid", a2);
        SqlDataReader rdr1 = command1.ExecuteReader();
        if (rdr1.HasRows)
            StringBuilder sb1 = new StringBuilder();
            while (rdr1.Read())
                function_name_string = sb1.ToString();
                SecurityModule sm = new SecurityModule();
            MessageBox.Show("not found");
    catch (Exception ex)
        MessageBox.Show("Error in database connection");

public void formm_display_function(string display_form_str)
    foreach (ToolStripMenuItem menuItem in menuStrip1.Items)
        foreach (ToolStripMenuItem subitem in menuItem.DropDownItems)
            if (subitem.Name.Trim() == display_form_str)
                subitem.Visible = true;
Updated 8-Aug-11 2:15am

Since you append the name of your menustrip item to the Stringbuilder each time round, and it is not a local variable but a class level one, the first time you will look for "name1", the second time you will look for "name1name2", and so forth - could this be your problem?
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kami124 8-Aug-11 7:23am    
no, what i think problem is some wher here
subitem.Visible = true;

before all the code is working perfectally
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 8-Aug-11 7:33am    
Your other problem is you're creating a new form instance because you make function_name static and your other function is a non static. See my answer please!
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 8-Aug-11 7:30am    
Agreed! 5+
And that isn't the only problem lurking in OP's code.
Espen Harlinn 8-Aug-11 18:44pm    
My 5
kami124 9-Aug-11 1:28am    
yes this was my mistake
at the end i got it thanks
Aside from what OriginalGriff already mentioned you have another problem. If SecurityModule is the name of your form class you're in for trouble. public static void function_name(int a2) is static and in order to be able to call public void formm_display_function(string display_form_str) you're creating an instance of SecurityModule. When you then call sm.formm_display_function all the operations regarding the visiblity are made on the new instance of your form which isn't even being shown. Your function function_name should either be not static or you should make function formm_display_function also static and pass in this as a parameter.

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kami124 8-Aug-11 7:32am    
ya might be u r right
i will check it
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 8-Aug-11 7:35am    
What do you mean "might be". If your form class is SecurityModule then what I described will explain why you can't see any changes in your displayed form.
Espen Harlinn 8-Aug-11 18:44pm    
Good reply, my 5
kami124 9-Aug-11 1:27am    
sorry yestarday i was away so i couldnt reply you were absolutaley right
thanks a lot
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 9-Aug-11 5:51am    
You're welcome!

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