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I want to convert a float/double integer value to a time stamp in PHP.

0.555 = 1:19:12 PM
// in Microsoft excel we use =TimeValue(0.555) 
// it return value: 1:19:12 PM

Thanks for your interest!
Updated 9-Aug-11 2:59am
CPallini 9-Aug-11 8:30am    
Excel's TimeValue does the opposite, according to the documentation:
CPallini 9-Aug-11 8:59am    
There's a not empty intersection of PHP and VBA functionalities, I guess.
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 9-Aug-11 9:07am    
I just realized OP had written Excel in his post :doh:
I think I need to check more closely next time :)
CPallini 9-Aug-11 9:09am    
I suppose I've accidentally deleted your reply. Sorry for that.
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 9-Aug-11 10:36am    
Nope that was me! As I realized my blunder I deleted the post, but since you already replied we can still see that it once was there. (Only the originator can see his deleted comments / replies.

1 solution

$secondsInDay = 86400
# Time as a float must greater or equal to zero and less or equal to one.
$dayAsFloat = 0.555

# Determine the number of seconds
$totalSeconds = intval($secondsInDay * $dayAsFloat)

# Calculate number of seconds
$seconds = $totalSeconds % 60
$totalSeconds = $totalSeconds / 60

# Calculate number of minutes
$minuntes = $totalSeconds % 60
$totalSeconds = $totalSeconds / 60

# Calculate number of hours
$hours = $totalSeconds % 60

$timeString = sprintf("%'0#2d:%'0#2d:%'0#2d", $hours, $minutes, $seconds)

This will leave you with a time value where the hours run from 00 - 23. If you want AM/PM time you'd have to adjust for that.


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[no name] 10-Aug-11 1:05am    

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