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I developed a win application using vs2008 in c# & sql server2005..
now i want to implement a license feature in my project,means i want to give a software to client for 1 year license after 1 year again insert the license for 1 or 2 years...
can anybody help me

if anybody having the code for this then please sare it with me asap
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Updated 9-Aug-11 6:23am
LittleYellowBird 9-Aug-11 11:24am
Hi, there is no need to include your email as you will be notified via the email address that you registered with when there are any answers, and you will get lots of spam! So I have removed it for you. :)

Have you already checked this article: License Key Generation[^]. You could additionally use time stamps somewhere proper place (file dates, registry etc) for expiration check.
BobJanova 9-Aug-11 12:18pm
Good link.

The OP should bear in mind that if he is shipping a .Net assembly, it is fairly trivial for someone to decompile it and reverse-engineer the license requirements. So don't rely on such a mechanism to prevent piracy. In addition, expiring licenses are a huge pain if the company that issues them disappears (unless they are trivial to reverse engineer in which case they are pointless.)
Wendelius 9-Aug-11 12:47pm
Good points, thanks for the addition!
Ravi Bhavnani 9-Aug-11 15:04pm
Actually, it's pretty easy to release an obfuscated assembly, reducing the risk of decompilation. Further, signing the license with a public/private key pair adequately prevents modification of the license (whose content can even be in plaintext).


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