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hi All,
i wrote code for auto port reading in java it is working fine in window as well as linux(red hat) but when i am testing it with suse linux it is hanging for particular port(COM3 and COM4)at the time of closing the port there is 70 com port showing when i am skiping these two port then it is checking all other port but only in case these two it is opening port sending the data closing input /output stream but when it coming closing serial port then code got hang even it is not giving any exception

so please help i tried google so much but still problem is same

Updated 17-Mar-22 11:13am
Nagy Vilmos 23-Aug-11 8:17am     CRLF
Where is your code hanging? Please edit the question and add a code snippet to give us mortals a chance.

I remember having somehow the same problem. Each time i would try and close the port, my program would just hang. Then i figured out that my closing method had to be synchronized. And did something like this:

synchronized void closePort(){

        output.close();   //the streams need to be closed

        }catch(IOException ex){
                        //display whatever error message i want




And this actually worked for me. It's not much, but i hope it will also work for you.
Best regards.
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Sudhakar Shinde 17-May-13 4:09am    
How did you assume the problem asked is the same problem you faced? There can be multiple reasons for a program to hang.
nameJulian 17-May-13 6:43am    
I didn't assume...I just gave a solution in case it's a problem like mine. And I know there can be multiple reasons.
I solve this hang chosing the time out port, works normaly that way, but hangs:
port.setComPortTimeouts(SerialPort.TIMEOUT_READ_SEMI_BLOCKING, 0, 0);
Change this seting at the routine of closing port ading this line code:
port.setComPortTimeouts(SerialPort.TIMEOUT_NONBLOCKING, 0, 0);
The port will close without hang the program, but you will cant reopen the port used, only restarting the program.
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