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I need help from the Terminal Services/RDP experts here...

Is there a way in C# to get the active (foreground) window on the client side in a TS/RDP environment? (My application is served to the client with their other apps.)

In a local forms app, I can use GetForegroundWindow, GetWindowThreadProcessId, and Process.GetProcessById to get a Process object that is the window in focus.

I understand that I can use Process.SessionId and WTSEnumerateProcesses to file through the running processes in a TS session, but is there a way to determine which process' window is currently active? I did not see an indication of this in the WTS_PROCESS_INFO struct, for example.

Any help you can provide would be awesome!

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Your app can tell if it's running in a RDP sesssion:

bool isRemote = System.Windows.Forms.SystemInformation.TerminalServerSession;

However, getting any info from the client side seems like it would be a security breach to me.
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EngrDave 10-Aug-11 13:22pm    
Thanks, John. My app will always be running in a RDP session. In response to certain events, my app needs to determine whether the user is using (for example) Notepad, or Word at the moment.

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