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When i open my solution, the dataset works fine and looks like this.[^]

After i close and open the dataset it looks like this. And gives my the error message "Editing is not allowed for this Dataset".[^]

And one more:[^]

I have tried.

* Installed SP1, with SQL server system clr
* Devnev with different arguments
* Install the 'Microsoft SQL Server System CLR Types '

This solution also has the same bug on my coworkers computer.

Updated 11-Aug-11 10:11am
johannesnestler 11-Aug-11 11:08am     CRLF
no solution, but a quick google search gave me: ...Just in case anyone is still getting this "editing is not allowed for this dataset" message, I've solved it by opening the .xsd with Visual Studio XmlEditor and just saving it. When I open the xsd in design mode again, the problem dissapears and editing is allowed..

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MrDeej 11-Aug-11 16:01pm     CRLF
Didnt work. Installed this">X86 Package(SQLSysClrTypes.msi) - 1588 KB<br/> and still same thing happening
Ok. This is stupid.

I went berserk in the dataset, and tryed everything. Open with*.*, Delete some files, run custom tool etc.

And when i tried to go and change a random field name of a random table, then save. It all worked out great. I now have access to my dataset

Hmm.. It still pops up all lined up horisontenally when i open the solution, and when i close and open dataset it looks all messy again. But i can move them at least.

Also this was a great way to auto arrange items in dataset:
"Hi, Maybe its so late for answering this question...

I did the following steps and it works:

1- Under .xsd file in solution explorer, find .xss file and delete it.

2- In solution explorer, right click on your dataset and choose Run Custom Tool."[^]
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