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I have managed to solve the problem in converting infix to postfix (using stack) but
it can only handle one digit at a time. so it means i am using character to scan it
from left to right.

Please help me or give me some tricks on how i can make my code handle two digits or more.

This has only one digit every operand
input infix is : 2+3*6/7

This has two or more digit every operand.
input infix is : 23+345*6/32

In my code:
I convert the input string into an array of characters
and scan the the array from left to right.

string input = txtInput.Text;
char[] toArray = new char[input.Length];
toArray = input.ToCharArray();

Creating method to evaluate each character[Example code]:

public void Evaluate(char[] array)

for (int i = 0; i < array.Length; i++)

char current = array[i];
switch (current)
case '+':
case '-':
Process(1, current);
case '*':
case '/':
Process(2, current);
case '(':
case ')':
while (!this.isEmpty())
char pop =(char) st.Pop();
if (pop == '(')

postString += pop;
if (char.IsLetterOrDigit(current))
postString += current.ToString();

while (!this.isEmpty())
char pop = (char)st.Pop();
MessageBox.Show("Popped left: " + pop);
postString += pop;

==========================Thank You==================================
BillWoodruff 13-Aug-11 1:28am    
Hi, What's your goal here: do you just want to find the right code to implement, or do you want to write your own lexer/parser in order to develop your coding skills ? Are you willing to go and study algorithms for parsing ? Or, would using a tool like Bison to generate a parser/lexer work for you ?

If you want to handle translating infix's operator-precedence and nested parentheses: that requires a recursive descent parser: ... do you want to learn how to write one ?

Example: infix 5 + 11 * 5 = 60 because * has greater precedence than +, so to write that out in postfix, you need to translate to:

5 11 * 5 +

1 solution

If you are going to do it from a character array and can assume integer values, then when you get a numeric value, you will need to accumulate the number, but you won't generally be able to store that in a char variable.

There are generalized parsers available (use Google), but if I were going to write one, I would not start with a character array, but parse "tokens" that would be math symbols, keywords, numbers, variable names, etc.
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