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my code is :

Sub fullmydate()

        Dim mydate As String = String.Empty
        Dim calender As PersianCalendar
        mydate = calender.GetYear(DateTime.Now).ToString() + @"/" + calender.GetMonth(DateTime.Now).ToString() + @"/" + calender.GetDayOfMonth(DateTime.Now).ToString()

        Return mydate
 End Sub

i had written this code in c# and it works well but when i convert it to vb, it shows error for ( "@" and "Return mydate")
what is wrong with them?????

thanks alot
Updated 16-Aug-11 17:04pm

This is not VB, this is VB.NET, completely different thing. Please change the tag of your question, don't waste expert's time.

Now, what you mean by "convert to vb"? You need to translate the code, not just copy pieces without thinking. For VB.NET, string concatenation operator is '&', not '+', and '@' (a prefix for verbose string literal required in C#) is not applicable to VB.NET, just remove it.

Do it; and it will compile.

In addition to the previous solution, you can use this[^] as a reference when you are translating C# to VB.Net.

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