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I have written code that returns a total discouned price. The figures in the result set are correct, but they are returned as a negative figure.
Any ideas on how prevent this

SELECT Company.CompName AS [Company Name], Products.Prodname AS [Product Name], Orders.ProdQty As Quantity,
Orders.ProdQty * Products.Cost As [Total Cost], (Orders.Discount / 100) * (Orders.ProdQty * Products.Cost) - (Orders.ProdQty * Products.Cost) AS [Discounted Cost]
From Orders
INNER JOIN  Company  ON Orders.CompanyID = Company.CompanyID
INNER Join Products ON Orders.ProdID = Products.ProdCode
ORDER BY Company.CompName

Reults as below:
Acme Ltd Christmas Box 300 5100 -4335
Test Company Ltd Christmas Cracker Hamper 530 34450 -31005
Test Company Ltd Christmas Cracker Carton 23 1265 -1106.875
Test Company Ltd Christmas Box 20 340 -297.5


Try this (it looks like you forgot to scope out part of the math):

((Orders.Discount / 100) * (Orders.ProdQty * Products.Cost)) - (Orders.ProdQty * Products.Cost)
Hi Thanks for you reply.

This still returns a negative. All of the fields used in the calculation are of datatype float, if this makes a difference.
Shouldn't you simply have it other way round (normal price - discount amount):
(Orders.ProdQty * Products.Cost) - ((Orders.Discount / 100) * (Orders.ProdQty * Products.Cost))  AS [Discounted Cost]

or simply:
(Orders.ProdQty * Products.Cost) * (1- (Orders.Discount / 100))

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