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dim ax(), be() as string

ax(i) = dr("EANAME").ToString()
be(i) = dr.GetString(1)

error is in line marked yellow error coding is

Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
Tag your language! Exception: 1st line or second, or some other?

"Solving the error" is the same as "cure the decease" or "feed the hunger".

Either dr is equal to Nothing or dr("EANAME") returns Nothing.

Check both condition in your code (or let exception go and handle it in appropriate place somewhere up the stack), but — more typically — make sure the variable is properly initialized. Returning of Nothing may or may not be used, it depends. If you use it, check it up in the caller.

This exception is one of the easiest to detect and fix in all programming; I don't know why so much buzz about it. Should you face a bug in dealing with Nothing, always run it under debugger and you will see everything.

asok6783 19-Aug-11 2:05am
dr("EANAME") has a value and it is written in a label but i am unable to store in an array
dim ax(), be() as string

ax(i) = dr("EANAME").ToString()
be(i) = dr.GetString(1).ToString()


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