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Hi All,

I'm struggling a bit. If I have classes as below:

public static class ClassName
    ...attached DP called 'ChildObjects', of type ChildCollection....

public class ChildCollection : ObservableCollection<child>

I can add an attached dependency property definition to ClassName, of type ChildCollection, allowing me to do the below:

      <child someproperty="{Binding Etc}" />
      <child someproperty="{Binding Etc}" />

This works great - Child objects are derived from FrameworkElement and therefore have a datacontext. The only problem is ChildCollection - it is not a framework element therefore it means that it's not in the logical tree, so bindings on the Child objects don't work - let alone using things like 'FindAncestor'.

Is there a standard way to deal with this? I've looked for 'FrameworkElementCollection' that would add the children to the logical tree but with no luck. Before I dive into creating one, I would like to know if I'm missing something obvious!

Thanks in advance,


You're very close have a look at the UIElementCollection[^]
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OK With a bit more research I found out exactly how to do this - make the collection a FreezableCollection<t> and make sure that the class you are making a collection from is derived from Freezable - then you get the datacontext set just as you should :)

There's a great example by Nishant here:

An MVVM friendly approach to adding system menu entries in a WPF application[^]
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