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This days my friends told me that there have a platform which can make the programmers to accelerate the speed of development project. Somebody told me the professional language was 'rapid application development',it is based on j2ee, but I don't know about it. Could anyone find the sourcecode? Please help me! Thanks a lot.

Now, I found a web site[^], it's the product can quickly develop a project, but it is based on the .net, but what I need is Java ,I could inport this project into eclipse or myEclipse. Where can I find this web project. If it is open source that good!
Updated 23-Aug-11 2:13am

Not sure if there's a framework of that name, but RAD is a methodology that allows you to speed up your development. See here[^] for detailed explanation.

It might be that they are referring to RAD tools. If so, you can probably check here[^] for a list of RAD tools that you can use.
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Simon Bang Terkildsen 23-Aug-11 1:57am    
+5Personally I don't like RAD, there is to much focus in the UI
walterhevedeich 23-Aug-11 2:09am    
Never used it before but its worth getting an overview about it.
Can I have my 5 now? :grin:
xiaofengkang 24-Aug-11 23:31pm    
hello, I am the new codeproject member, I don't know how can I give you '5' ,and what is the '+5', 5 points? Please forgive me. And you can help me. Thank you!
walterhevedeich 25-Aug-11 0:00am    
Yes. 5 is referring to the points. As you can see, there are 5 radio buttons beside the word vote. 1 is on the left most, while 5 is on the right most. If this solution has helped you, you may want to click on Accept solution as well in order for this to be marked as Solved. Thank you.
xiaofengkang 25-Aug-11 3:57am    
Ok,I have understand what you say,but your answer is not the good I want.My english is not the good.perhaps what I say could not express the idea.
In the brower you can use graphical interface displaying the business process,like OA BPM BI ERP SOA and so on.If we use this platform,we can do anything,we don't neet to develop a new project.if possible we can secondary develop from the source code. now I need the source code.thank you.
If there are something like application generator?
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Richard MacCutchan 24-Aug-11 4:16am    
See my suggested solution.
Try this[^] or this[^].
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