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I have an need to add a column of Times in excel resulting in the accumlated time as a total. I tried to SUM the column but if the result is > than 24 hours I do not get the right answer, obviously because the time is actually stored as a DateTime value.

Any one offer a solution, I would be most grateful.

Actually, setting the format of the cell to "Custom" -> "[h]:mm:ss;@" will work out much simpler.

See here:[^]
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Steven J Jowett 24-Aug-11 4:08am    
Well that's much better than my solution. 5* mate thanks.
OK - I've solved it:

formula is as follows:

=ROUNDDOWN(SUM(A1,A2)*24, 0) & MID(TEXT(SUM(A1,A2), "hh:mm:ss"),3,6)

Resulting in a text cell something like this:


ie 29 hrs, 51 mins, 23 secs
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Philippe Mori 23-Aug-11 19:08pm    
Solution 2 is much better. You don't need any formula in the cell. Just apply appropriate formatting.

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