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Just like the title, i want write a small app that could monitor user's web browser (any browser: internet explorer, firefox ...). Before user can retrieve and render webpage, my app will read webpage keyword (specifically, content in tag <meta> name=Keywords). If one of those keywords = my blacklist, it will block that webpage and/or redirect to other webpage(i have defined).

My questions are:
1) Is my idea possible?
2) I searched google, i get 2 way, use http proxy server and sniffer packet. With http proxy that's good idea but if user change their proxy, my app's useless. Are there any method for my idea?
3) With sniffer packet, i get a lot of tutorials, but i want reassure that Can sniffer packet do what i want?

Any opinions, suggestions, advices, references, tutorials are good, i appreciate it all. Thank for reading.

p/s: My English is not good enough, so just understand my word as general meaning please. Thank in advance.

The only way to do it in .NET is by proxy (the most simple way by HTTP Proxy). You can't achieve much by sniffing, as you can only read and not change the content of the sniffed packets (in order to also change you have to study how firewalls work, but that is not possible with .NET).

If you make a legal app, than you shouldn't be concerned about users changing the proxy, show them a message at install. If you are a network admin and want to filter what the employees are browsing you can probably setup the internet to be shared through your proxy app only.
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Ok Thank for your suggestions, i just want to make an app to block adult website, you clarified my idea. May be in future i will learn about firewall stuff, but now it's time for studying http proxy.

Thank you very much ^_^!
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