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I want to bind two columns of dataset with a dropdownlist. Is It possible? If yes, then Please help me.How? This is my first question on this forum. It will be pleasure for me to find help by you through this forum.
Updated 25-Aug-11 22:37pm
Suresh Suthar 26-Aug-11 4:40am    
What you want to do? You want to display one column as value field and other as text field or what? please elaborate.
thalavi 26-Aug-11 5:47am    
I want to display two columns such as""StundentName" + "StundentClass""of dataset in dropdownlist as a datatexfield
Herman<T>.Instance 26-Aug-11 4:41am    
only if you formatted the two columns to one column in your query

dropdownlist.DataSource = ds.Tables[0];
dropdownlist.DataTextField = "datacolumnname";
dropdownlist.DataValueField = "idfield";
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thalavi 29-Aug-11 1:30am    
Thank U to reply,
Actually I want to concatenate two columns of a table and want to display in dropdownlist e.g:
dropdownlist.DataSource = ds.Tables[0];
dropdownlist.DataTextField = "datacolumnname1"+"|"+"datacolumnname2";
dropdownlist.DataValueField = "idfield";
but error occurs
Now did you clear about my problem.
Do you mean Datagrid?
Then see Multiple selection using DropDownList in DataGrid.

A dataset is a code object and I don't see any point in showing a dropdownlist in that.
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try this one.
protected void FillDrpEmpInfo()
       dtTemp = new DataTable();
       dtTemp = CreateEmpDataTable();
       dtTemp.Columns.Add("Displaly", typeof(string), "ID + ' - ' + Name + ' ' + Surname");

       this.drpEmpInfo.DataSource = dtTemp;
       this.drpEmpInfo.DataTextField = "Displaly";
       this.drpEmpInfo.DataValueField = "ID";

   public DataTable CreateEmpDataTable()
       //Initialize DataTable
       dt = new DataTable();

       //Create columns in DataTable

       //Create Rows in DataTable
       dt.Rows.Add("1", "KiranKumar", "Roy", "5500", "Web Developer");
       dt.Rows.Add("2", "Hetvi", "Roy", "4500", "Web Developer");
       dt.Rows.Add("3", "Shankar", "Shetty", "7500", "Support Engg");
       dt.Rows.Add("4", "Loe", "Louis", "6500", "Support Engg");
       dt.Rows.Add("5", "Sanaj", "Meppery", "8000", "Sales Executive");
       dt.Rows.Add("6", "Jubair", "Mohd", "7000", "DNN Developer");
       dt.Rows.Add("7", "Sanjay", "Nadher", "5000", "CA");
       dt.Rows.Add("8", "Jyoti", "Ramwani", "3000", "Receptionist");
       dt.Rows.Add("9", "Sajid", "Shahid", "10000", "Sales and Techanical Manager");
       dt.Rows.Add("10", "Vijay", "Roy", "10000", "Glass Artist");

       return dt;
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