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Hi i try to something myself .. İ receive data from RFID like


İ try to write with c sharp ..
but i need to insert these to my database mic. offi. access i have a table, table name is TP and colum name is G_P i want to insert to G_P



which way i have to go ?
any idea please?
Updated 28-Aug-11 3:27am

1 solution

Assuming you have a connection to your database, use the following SQL Command string:
"INSERT INTO TB (G_P) VALUES('" + "OC:OO:9F:A0:A3" + "')"
Normally, I would also recommend that you use a parametrized query, but get it working first!
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baran aydin 28-Aug-11 11:59am    
First of all Thank you for your interest. yes but i can not insert by one by
for example cars go to garden , and they all have own OC:OO:9F:A0:A3 OC:OO:9F:A0:A2 ,OC:OO:9F:A0:A3 .. when the cars enter the garage antenna will read and insert to the data base .. i did it yes antenna is reading but i canno insert to the database
OriginalGriff 28-Aug-11 12:05pm    
Why not? Are you getting an error, or do you not know how to do some part of it?
baran aydin 2-Sep-11 12:12pm    
i dont know how to do.. normally i do it if want to insert manually
if (ds.HasChanges())
DbClass.DataSetUpdate(ds, "SELECT * FROM TP", "G_P");

but directly i could not do.. i dont like to ask code its not good for learning
but .. i need to learn.
rameshramu.p 30-Mar-13 8:08am    
all i have taken project on rfid i want to take input from rfid to ma database, plz let me knoe any 1 how to start with this.

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