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Hi all

I'm looking for a software program idea. I'm running into a little bit of trouble thinking of what program to create. I want a pet project just to up my knowledge and keep on programming. I'm thinking of creating something that makes use of a db, web, and a whole bunch of funky new java features.

Anybody have some they would like to share with me? Something they have done in the past or have been thinking about or is currently working on?
Updated 29-Aug-11 22:16pm
DaveAuld 30-Aug-11 7:48am    
How about writing a multi-threaded web indexing spider, that will covering a large number of subject material.
R. Erasmus 31-Aug-11 3:06am    
Sound intresting, I had a read about it.

I have found that for a pet project do it on something that you are interested on or have a need to solve. Such as I needed to transpose chords a guitar player was playing when he had a capo on. So I wrote an app to help me. It kept me interested in the project until I finished. Ok, that one was a quick project, but you get the idea. Look at your interests, music, sports, NASCAR (because I am not sure if that is really a sport or just people that like making left turns), or whatever you or someone you know has an interest in. Make an app that can help with that interest.

If I was to suggest making a soccer coaching app that kept track of players positions, amount of time in the game, times they scored, times they made saves (goalie), etc. You might find that interesting, or maybe you don't like soccer.
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I agree with the other answers, but would like to add another suggestion. You can always try to create something that will help people, make the world a little bit better for somebody. You can check out[^] and see what kind of projects have been worked on it the past, for an idea of what I mean.
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R. Erasmus 31-Aug-11 3:11am    
Pretty cool web site. Thanks!
By definition, a "pet project" is something that you've dedicated yourself to performing/completing sometime in your lifetime, like building a boat to sail around the world, or inventing the better mousetrap. You can't realistically ask someone else to identify such a project for you.
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wizardzz 30-Aug-11 14:56pm    
No idea why that was downvoted, it brought up a good point. You can't really ask for someone to tell you what to be passionate about.
R. Erasmus 31-Aug-11 3:05am    
What I ment by pet project was mearly something to work on at home. Anything really. I just need a couple of ideas. Something someone else worked on which they found they learnt alot of skills with, or whatever. Just ideas, I can formulate the rest.

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