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Hi all,

I am working with GRID VIEW ,

1. There is a drop down to select items, when the user selected item the grid view will items will change.

2. In grid view there are chekboxes, when the user checked the items they should store in DB.

3. So how to call the chekbox selected VALUES to store in DB. ?

Please give me the example.
Updated 2-Sep-11 20:34pm

What you need to do is iterate over the checked check boxes and then perform actions only on the selected rows.

Have a look at this[^] example. Its in VB, but will give you the general concept and should surely help you out.
Uday P.Singh 3-Sep-11 2:28am
nice link my 5!
Abhinav S 3-Sep-11 2:30am
Thanks Uday.
1) if you don't want to change value at dropdown value select than set the autopostback=false of dropdown box

2) for check box , store unique id of DB in on field or in hidden field,
than in rowcommand event iterate
foreach (GridViewRow grdRow in grd_name.Rows)
 CheckBox chk = (CheckBox)grdRow.FindControl("chk_checkbox");
 HiddenField hdn= (HiddenField)grdRow.FindControl("hiddenfiled");

 if (chk != null){
                        strids += hdn ",";
                        strstatus += Convert.ToInt32(chk.Checked).ToString() + ",";

now you get the id string like 1,2,3,4,5 and
check box value as per id like true,false,false,true,false

i think now u can understand what am i trying to say....

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