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I am making Online Examination Project.
To start the exam , i want to display all the question nos. randomly on bottom of my page. when user clicks particular No, Question stored at that no. will get displayed in label.
Can some tell me how to display all question no. below on my page, and how do display that question in label??

u can solve this problem with Standard table (###)
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Well by the looks of it you need a set amount of buttons against how many questions you intend to have. Each question needs to be in a database with the primary key being the question number. Post the question number to the content of the button.

Then you need to set each button so that on press the appropriate question is pulled from the database. It won't be to difficult just a bit time consuming setting up db etc.

hope this helps.

The way to change colours on buttons etc you would need an if statement saying something along the lines of if an answer has been selected changed background colour to desired colour.

Another way to do it would be to have a pool of questions in a xml/excel file and import them in once all are imported randomly pic 20 questions out of the pool and then assign as appropriate.
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Possibly this link can be help to sort out your problem.

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