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Hi all ,

I have in my web application the following url : http://localhost:50141/NewsDetails.aspx?NewsId=2[^].And 2 is the id of the news in the database.But what i need is to put the News title instead of the query string to become like this : http://NewsDetails.aspx/Newstitle[^].But i dont know how.And this is what i tried:

if (fullOrigionalpath.Contains("NewsId=2")) {

So please can anyone give me a hint on how to put the news title which is retrieved from database and put it instead of its corresponding id ?

Thanks in advance.
Updated 5-Sep-11 2:02am

mhamad zarif 5-Sep-11 8:11am
i have already read this article.But scott is not saying how to make rewriting for dynamic data from database.But he is only saying how to put them if he already knows the query string.
Download the zip file here[^] it has the dll and the documentation. The link is mentioned in ScottGu blog as well.
It looks like you are using ASP.Net 4.0 so instead of using URL rewriting use URL Routing.

So for every dynamic data add another Route dynamically.

See below links URL Routing with ASP.NET 4.0[^], Url Routing[^]

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