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Hai to all,

Please some one answer for my question..

You just need to create the object of that class something like this:

in .cs:
class Alpha
  public string mymethod(string name)
   return name;
//if you have static method
  public static int mysecondmethod(int age)
   return age;


in .aspx.cs:

Alpha obj=new Alpha();


hope it helps :)
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If you mean call a method in a .CS file from a ASPX.CS file, then just put the .CS file in your App_Code folder, and
refer to the static methods by classname:
string s = MyClass.StaticMethod();

Or create an instance of the class and use the methods on the instance:
MyClass inst = new MyClass();
string s = inst.Method();

If that isn't what you want to do, then please try to explain more clearly what you are trying to achieve.
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