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i want to disable the keyborad and mouse with one hot key (like ALT-D) and enable it back with another hot key(also like ALT-E)...please help
Philippe Mori 6-Sep-11 19:50pm
Unplug them! Replug them when you need them again. Or easier... lock your desktop.

If you disable the keyboard and mouse, how do you expect to RE-enable with a keyboard key press or a mouse click?
CPallini 6-Sep-11 9:12am
Emilio Garavaglia 6-Sep-11 9:32am
Yet another chicken and egg problem ...
_Zorro_ 6-Sep-11 12:07pm
Outstanding sense of logic there! ... :)

Do you know how notebooks manage to do this though? Is it by hardware or on the keyboard's or motherboard's driver maybe?
(C++/MFC solution but applicable to other toolkits )

(not tested, nor verified, just as a base for discussion)
You could override PreTranslateMessage (or something similar) and check the key-press and when user enters alt-d you log it (save a state boolean) and when the boolean is true, just skip all the key-press except alt-e...

For the mouse, there might be something to do about it, but I've got no clue.

IMO, it's a bad idea to block the keyboard and mouse.

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