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I am trying to use the following query
Dim sqlQry As String = "SELECT * FROM tblTest where Name=@NM and Rank=@RN"
Then I fill my dataadapter by
Dim dAdt As New SqlDataAdapter(sqlQry, conStr)

But donot know where to put the parameters that I have set after where clause.

Updated 6-Sep-11 5:41am

Instead of passing the SQL string to the adapter create a SqlCommand[^], define the SqlParameters[^] and use that command for your adapter. When doing this you also have to create the SqlConnection.

So something like:
Dim databaseConnection As New SqlConnection
Dim queryCommand As New SqlCommand

databaseConnection.ConnectionString = conStr
queryCommand.CommandText = "SELECT * FROM tblTest where Name=@NM and Rank=@RN"
queryCommand.Parameters.AddWithValue("@NM", someNMvariable)
queryCommand.Parameters.AddWithValue("@RN", someRNvariable)
queryCommand.Connection = databaseConnection
Dim dAdt As New SqlDataAdapter(queryCommand)
Sander Rossel 6-Sep-11 13:49pm
My 5 for the correct and clear answer, except of course select * is quite a coding horror... :)
Wendelius 6-Sep-11 14:44pm
Thanks. Yep, that's a real horror :)

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